A Gift of Music

Music for You: A Composition for Christmas or your Special Occasion


Composer Dennis Tjiok’s Christmas Composition Project to raise donations for Brain Research UK. Commission your own piece of music now.




Hi. My name is Dennis Tjiok, and I am a composer.

This Christmas 2022, I would like to offer to write you a 1-minute piece of music for your Christmas Festivities, as an exclusive digital gift for you or your loved ones, as well as for a good cause.

You choose the mood and genre, and I shall write you a piece of music which you receive as a recording at home to accompany your winter days, to play alongside your own music, or to send as a little digital gift.

Donations made are in support of a charity that means very much to me. A percentage of the proceeds collected will be forwarded to 

Brain Research UK

You can hear examples of my work for this Christmas Gift Project below:

Cinnamon Sweet (for Die Welt, Berlin Radio)

Icy Rhythm (Production Music)

— Previous work for Organisations and Fundraisers

Additional information

Additional information

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Birthday Mood, Blissful, Dramatic, Dreamy, Energetic, Futuristic, Happy, Hearty, In Love, Loving, Melancholic, Peaceful, Romantic, Soft, Surprising, Warm, With Care

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